Goddess Gathering: Sisters in Sacred Ceremony

Goddess Gathering: Sisters in Sacred Ceremony

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Secure your space for October 20-27, 2017 in Sacred Valley, Peru. By adding this option to your cart, you will either be paying the remaining balance (if the deposit has already been paid) or full payment for the Goddess Gathering plant medicine retreat.

To sign up for this retreat, it is required that you read the Ayahuasca FAQ page and fill out the medical form here.

**Health form will be reviewed by retreat facilitators, and your status may be declined if conditions indicate that this not an appropriate time to journey with plant medicine. 

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I am excited to announce a majestic mountain retreat of sisterhood, soul connection and deep self discovery. Our tribe is a web of sacred, divine yin energy, so here we unite in the center of feminine power, Pacha Mama, to join in sisterhood as we journey with her natural medicine to support, encourage and heal each other through trust and love. 

Together we will spend seven nights in a sacred mountain lodge nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountains just outside Sacred Valley, Peru. The week will consist of light yoga, hikes, meditation, ecstatic dance, activities for cultivating Yin energy and excursions to the sacred sites and mountains around us. One despacho ceremony, three Ayahuasca ceremonies and a traditional sweat lodge will also be offered and encouraged. As we journey within for healing and ancient earth wisdom, we discover and connect with our higher selves, remaining present in sisterhood to support each other with whatever may come up. As Pacha Mama embraces us with her crisp mountain air, we are given new breath and open space for creating soul family and connections.  

There is also an optional two night extension to Machu Picchu. With the Machu Picchu extension, this retreat is nine nights.


My intention for hosting this retreat:

I first worked with plant medicine in Sacred Valley, Peru in December 2016 and continued working with Shamans and plant medicine in Nicaragua in January 2017. My journeys and experiences were incredibly powerful and life-changing, to say the least. I am still at a loss for words on how to appropriately explain the teachings, but one of the many messages I was given during my ceremonies is that of casting the ripple of healing through plant medicine. 

It is my purpose and intention to pull in a web of women from all over the country (and the world) to do this healing work together in the center of Pacha Mama. There is something extremely powerful in a group of women who are willing to courageously show up, do the work, and build a sacred sisterhood. By healing ourselves, we can interact with ourselves and our world with an open, loving heart, and together we raise the collective consciousness.

It is my intention that this tribe of women come together to heal, to connect, and to internationally expand our web of sisters in spreading the light to the rest of our world.

Throughout this retreat, as much as possible will be hosted and facilitated by women. There are some ceremonies that must be performed by men (Despacho and Sweat Lodge), during which we will honor and respect the Shamans and Divine masculine which is the balance to our Divine feminine.


Please Note: This is a plant medicine retreat. Mother Ayahuasca and Kambo therapy will be offered and encouraged for all those attending. 


Retreat Includes: 

  • Airport transfer to and from retreat site*
  • Seven nights at sacred mountain lodge surrounded by the Andes with view of Sacred Mountain Apu Pitusiray
  • Three chef-made vegetarian meals daily with ingredients from on-site mandala garden {Organic and local when possible. Flexible for dietary requirements and allergies. All meals will be following the guidelines for an Ayahuasca Preparatory diet.) 
  • One Despacho Ceremony* (see below)
  • Three Ayahuasca Ceremonies** (see below)
  • Integration Circles*** (see below)
  • Light Yoga/Hikes
  • Workshops/Activities on creating connection to self and others, understanding and utilizing the teachings of Madre Ayahuasca, and moving through blockages to work deep with our infinite possibilities
  • Traditional Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)
  • Afternoon trip to Pisac Market
  • Half Day excursion to Maras and Moray


$1525 for shared accommodation, $1925 for private accommodation

Please Note: There is a $475 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space. 

*Transfer to retreat site is dependent on your arrival time into Cusco. There will be a group transfer leaving from Plaza de Armas in Cusco to the retreat site in the afternoon of the 20th, and returning to Cusco in the early afternoon of the 27th.


Not included:

  • Tips for sweat lodge facilitator, cleaning crew and chefs
  • Kambo Therapy**** (see below)


Machu Picchu extension includes:

  • Two nights in hotel (one night prior to Machu Picchu and one night in Cusco)
  • Two breakfasts and two lunches
  • Visit to local market in Urubamba
  • Visit to the ruins of Ollantaytambo
  • Roundtrip train/bus ticket to Machu Picchu
  • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu
  • Ticket to hike Huaynapicchu
  • Return transportation to Cusco

Price: $450, shared accommodation only

Not included:

  • Two dinners (left open to explore the towns and restaurants of your choice)
  • Transportation to airport (usually only $5-$10 from location in Cusco)


To apply for this retreat, it is REQUIRED that you read the Ayahuasca FAQ page and fill out the medical form here.

**Application will be reviewed by retreat facilitators, and your status may be declined if conditions indicate that this not an appropriate time to journey with plant medicine. 



*Despacho Ceremony:

In Spanish, the word despacho literally means "dispatch or shipment".  In the Andean traditions of Peru, a despacho is a ceremonial offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits).  It can be thought of as a focused, formal way to "dispatch" or "ship" your prayers off to the powers that be.  Despachos also help align personal energies with the cosmic ones.


**Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered/higher states of consciousness, usually lasting between 4 to 8 hours after ingestion. Ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary, ayahuasca is used primarily as a medicine and as a shamanic means of communication, typically in a ceremonial session under the guidance of a shaman or experienced drinker.

Shamans or medicine men take ayahuasca to communicate with nature or to see what is causing a patient’s illness on a spiritual level. It is believed to have been used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon for around 2,000 years.

(Drinking Ayahuasca has been linked to the treatment of depression, anxiety and addiction.)


***Integration Circles

This is a time for us to gather together and share our experiences of what came up in ceremony. We will support and encourage each other as we discuss the teachings of Madre Ayahuasca, cultivating ways to put to use her lessons in our daily lives and in progression towards our highest selves. 


****Kambo Therapy (This will be offered on mornings after Ayahuasca ceremonies)

Kambo is the name given to the traditional Shamanic frog poison cleanse that is used to strengthen and heal mind, body and spirit. The poison from the Giant Monkey Frog is applied to the skin after small burns are made with the tip of a glowing stick. Once applied, Kambo stimulates a strong physical purge while toxins and ‘bad luck’ or ‘panema’ are eliminated from body and spirit.

Kambo is a very exciting traditional shamanic healing modality and many people have reported immense physical and psychological benefit from its application. 

Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system while physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms. Kambo is traditionally known to be anti inflammatory, to heal eyesight, and to cure pain. Sapo peptides and their effects are reported cover a wide range of potential medical uses: treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, fertility problems in women, AIDS, hepatitis and more.