“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

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One Accessible Morning Practice to Launch our Day.

Every morning is a fresh start. No mistakes have been made; nothing has gone “wrong.”

We get a blank slate every single morning of our lives.

The way we begin can determine our mood for the rest of the day, essentially dictating our conversations, actions and overall attitude.

The Maasai tribe of Tanzania greet each other every morning not by asking, “How did you sleep?” but rather, “How did you wake?” implying that yes, we are in control of how we handle the good, the bad and the annoying—every morning.

To My Future Partner:

This is how we won’t be

I am so excited to meet you.

I’m already looking forward to the magical moments we’ll spend together here on Earth. I am eagerly anticipating all those things about you that are going to drive me wild—your vibe, your smell, your self- awareness, your spiritual curiosity, your positive influence on the those around you, your care for the planet and active pursuit of your passions.

How Traveling Solo Heals the Wounded Soul

I’ve traveled the world for as long as I can remember. People often ask me what my first international trip was, and the truth is I don’t even know.

My parents raised me on the idea that traveling is the best education.

I was never good in school. I was always distracted and quickly came to realise that I was a student who “learns by doing.” I understood more about wars by visiting battle sites, cemeteries and memorials, rather than reading about them in a huge chunk of text that I didn’t have the attention span for.

8 Ways to Wake Up & Feel Damn Good All Day.

How to Heighten our Mood, Attitude & Awareness throughout the Day.

When things are going really well, we often walk around with a smile we can’t wipe off as we think to ourselves, “Just another day in paradise!”

Alternatively, when things seem really sh*tty and nothing is going our way, our thoughts veer toward a “when it rains, it pours” mentality.

But guess who is the puppeteer of the weather? We are.