Testimonials + Kind Words

I am deeply humbled and honored by the words of truth seekers around the world with whom I have been blessed to connect with and learn from.


 “I had an amazing experience with Elizabeth Gottwald during the Kambo/Sapo ceremony she hosted. She served me Frog Medicine and I cannot express how on point and professional she was. Her knowledge of the medicine itself was extensive and she was able to answer all of my inquiries. As far as holding space for such deep healing that I experienced, She could not have been more accommodating. She was very much in tune to my needs and was very patient, polite and compassionate with all of us. Her energy is perfect for the work she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone who wants that kind of experience. Final Score: 11/11”

-Isaac, Kambo client

 "On retreat in Costa Rica, Betty facilitated a transformational breathing workshop.  Betty is gifted not only at guiding an individual through the mechanics of this ceremonial rite, but in creating the safe and sacred space necessary for this type of deep, inward focused work.  Betty took great care to ensure that all participants felt secure, supported, and grounded both before entering the healing space and in the time that followed.  I highly recommend participating in this type of work with Betty as your guide if you are looking to resolve past traumas or uncover the causes of unexplained blockages or emotional triggers."

-Kaity, Breathwork participant

"I met Betty when she was teaching yoga at Bikini Bootcamp in Tulum, Mexico. I was attending the bootcamp to write a travel feature for the publication I work for and I was so impressed with the level of classes that I’ll definitely be returning soon. Betty's Vigorous Vinyasa combined a challenging workout alongside meditation. Her techniques create the perfect combination for a full-body sweat while rejuvenating the mind. The studio located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean just added to the idyllic experience."

 -Jessica, editor and writer at DailyMail.com

 "I had the honor of being apart of Betty's journey throughout her 500RYT in Candidasa, Bali. The first thing I noticed about her was her vibrant spirit. She is always smiling, cultivating and spreading positive energy to everyone who comes her way. As our friendship continued to evolve, I began to cherish her sense of humor and ability to keep even the hardest of times light. She has proven time and time again to live in integrity. A true woman of patience, compassion and inspiration. Along with her ridiculous talent as a photographer, is her teaching! Betty never fails to create fun, challenging and inspiring yoga classes! You can expect a high energy environment, creative sequences, lots of sweat and all to an amazing playlist. Having the opportunity to be a student in a class with someone as beautiful a soul as Betty is a true treat."

- Rachael, 500RYT / Personal Trainer

 "This class was intense, cathartic, and transformative...Once the music began I felt like I was in and out of consciousnesses. With each beat of the drum, I felt my muscles lighten their grip, my spine elongate and emotional turmoil melt away. It basically felt like I went from dark to light. Leaving me feeling open and ready to continue on this journey of healing."

- Julia, Exheal Breathwork participant

 "I wish that there were words to describe the experience that I had as Betty guided us through a very healing, cleansing and intense breath work session. I tend to hold a lot inside and this experience gave me permission to release completely. It was truly one of the most healing practices I have ever experienced. She is truly on the path that she is meant to be on and I am so blessed be a recipient of her gifts."

- Becky, 500RYT


“My Ayahuasca, Kambo Medicine retreat in Peru was something that is truly hard to put into words. I have been called to Peru for several years and finally it was my time. Going completely off trust and feeling into the journey. This retreat truly changed my life. It helped open me up and shed the things that no longer served me. It made me see things in a different light. I felt completely safe and supported during my journey. This work is not easy. At all. But so worth it. So worth discovering who you are and why are you here.”

-Tiffany, Yoga Retreat participant 

 “I did an intense session of breath work and an interesting reiki session with Betty. I felt very safe, which I find very important and I was touched by the open-minded and the very kind approach of Betty. I liked it a lot that I could take my time, ask questions if I wanted to and at the same time had the feeling I could dive totally in the experience. There was as well an open atmosphere to talk and process after the sessions were finished, which I very much appreciated.”

Ruth, Reiki client

“Shaman Betty is an amazing being of rainbow light. I did an emotion clearing breath work ceremony with her as well as a reiki session. Both were beautifully powerful experiences. Betty does an amazing job of creating a safe space to relax and allow as you work through whichever therapy you choose to do with her. I highly recommend any and all of her services, she is a very in-tune healer and it's a joy just to be around her beautiful energy!”

-Emily, Shamanic Energy Work client

"I had the privilege of experiencing Betty’s breath workshop while on retreat in Costa Rica. We were exploring the elements (earth, air, fire, water), and on air day, we were invited to a breath workshop. I assumed this would be about learning a new breath technique or process. But, as we all lay in a circle on our mats with our eyes covered and Betty began, I felt so many things. The process was one beyond words. It was a not a “how-to” process. This was an experience, a journey into ourselves all the while being held by my sisters in that circle. 

There are no real words to describe this process. If you have the opportunity to experience this - DO IT. You will be held, supported and loved through the journey. Betty is an amazing guide and space keeper. She creates the space for you to experience your deepest self."

-Hattie, Retreat and Breathwork participant

"While in Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to do some energy work with Betty.  I was struggling with a blocked heart chakra and felt an immediate release upon her laying hands on me.  Even more significant, however, was the continued release that I felt in the 24 hours that followed.  She was able to assist in moving the blocked energy and opening up my system so that I could continue the healing work I was focused on in that land.

I have done energy work with multiple healers and can definitively say that Betty is one of the most gifted I have been touched by.  She has been gifted not only with the ability to heal, but with the ability to touch the soul and remove the deepest of blockages.  I highly recommend working with her to open up both the energetic and emotional bodies or for those who are looking for a gifted and sensitive hand to lead them into the world of energetic healing for the first time."

-Kaity, Retreat participant and Energy Healing client