Offerings from the Heart

Throughout my spiritual explorations and geographical adventures, I’ve been exposed to many modalities of holistic healing. From struggling to maintain a regular meditation practice many years ago to now hosting shamanic Ayahuasca retreats with a medicine family in Peru, my offerings from the heart have been cultivated over years of experience. I pull in parts of the web I’ve cast through learning from different indigenous cultures around the world to offer a unique blend of ceremonies and healing techniques. From basic yoga instruction to guidance into alternate dimensions, there is something for everyone on their healing journey.

I invite you to explore this page to find what resonates with you.


Indigenous Healing Modalities from the Amazon Rainforest


Sacred Plant Ceremony

In many indigenous belief systems, all plants have spirits. When we understand and work with the collective consciousness of these plants in shamanic ceremony, we are able to unlock and connect with their healing gifts to us. The sacred plants ceremonies that I offer are specifically with Rapéh (pronounced ha-pay) and Sananga.

Rapéh is a finely ground mixture of tobacco, ash, and other plants, blown up the nasal cavities through a pipe. The effects are immediately felt in the head and the sitter is brought fully to the present moment, clearing thoughts and mind chatter as the medicine drops down into the body, inducing a calming, clearing, grounding sensation and enabling the receiver to enter a beautiful, thoughtless meditation process. Different blends of Rapéh are used for differing intentions and have various healing properties, depending on the plants used.

Sananga is an extract made from the roots and bark of a shrub in the Amazon Basin. Administered in the form of eyedrops, They are beneficial for moving stagnant energy, strengthening intuition and bringing peace + focus to the mind.

Both of these medicines have great potential to bring up and clear many mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages, returning us home to a place of peace, clarity and stillness within.


Kambo (Frog) Medicine ceremony

Kambo is the name given to the traditional Shamanic cleanse that is used to strengthen and heal mind, body and spirit. The medicine is a secretion from the frog Phyllomedusa bicolor or “Giant Monkey Frog,” and is beneficial in treating a variety of illnesses from depression and anxiety to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Kambo is one of the strongest, most natural ways to reset and fortify the body’s ability to heal itself.

I began working with frog medicine in the mountains of Peru in 2016. Since then I have maintained a deep healing relationship with the medicine in the Peruvian territories of the Amazon and Sacred Valley. In April 2018, the frog came to me, first in ceremony, then followed by dreams, signs and spirit, asking me to be a steward of Kambo Medicine. Since then I have participated multiple facilitator trainings and intensives. In September 2018, I took on five days of water-fasting and frog medicine in the forest at the Root Chakra of the Earth, Mount Shasta. There, having only the Spirit of Frog Medicine in the body, the gate for direct communication was opened and I became a humble servant of his medicine.

The spirit of Kambo continues to come to me in Shamanic Ceremony, dreams, meditations and visions, thus becoming one of my clearest and most consistent Spirit Allies, through which I am able to serve his medicine.


Plant Medicine Retreat

Along with individual Plant and Frog Medicine Ceremonies, we also offer week-long retreats, combining these medicines and a series of three ceremonies for an opportunity to dive deeper into yourself, allowing a more profound study and healing of physical, mental, and emotional blockages. Our retreats focus specifically on Ayahuasca, a brew of Chakruna leaves and the Ayahuasca vine mixed together and drank in sacred ceremony.

Ayahuasca works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to develop consciousness of our shadow selves and move through blockages preventing us from living with an open heart and creating the reality we truly see for ourselves.

This profound, visionary medicine scans the layers of the psyche and addresses the thoughts, actions, and patterns in our lives to help move our lingering toxic energies that don’t serve.

After Ayahuasca ceremonies you’ll feel lighter, clearer and more aligned. You’ll also feel very relieved from the energy release that accompanies healing unprocessed events, emotions or experiences.

**DISCLAIMER: Please note that none of the ceremony offerings on this website constitute any form of medical practice. Plant and Kambo ceremonies are not a ‘medicine’ as defined by western standards or recognition. Practitioners are not doctors nor any other form of medical practitioners, and do not have any western medical education or degree. I, as a facilitator, do not diagnose disease, treat physical or mental health issues, prescribe medications, or claim to ‘cure’ any disease or sickness, mental, emotional, physical or otherwise. Plant and Kambo ceremonies are a shamanic ritual from the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains - they are not a medical treatment. Participants who are interested in sitting in these rituals are advised to do further research as to the potential benefits to determine if this could be an effective and appropriate course of action.**


“All I have seen

teaches me to trust

the Creator

for all I have not seen.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Energy Healing and alignment Offerings


Yoga Instruction

Private Sessions, Classes and Retreats

In December 2014, I completed a 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training over eight weeks in Bali with Awakened Life School of Yoga. Shortly after receiving my certificate, I found myself at Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp in Tulum, Mexico, where I taught “Vigorous Vinyasa" - a 75 minute sweaty morning practice focused on building body heat, making muscles shake and keeping a positive “I can do this” attitude throughout! 

Since then, I have taught classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Thailand, London and the U.S. 

In August 2018, I continued my yoga education and completed a 50hr Yin Yoga teacher training in Vancouver, Canada with Bernie Clarke.

For upcoming retreats and workshops,

please check here.


Shamanic Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra Clearing + Balancing

The past few years I have been following the call and profound gift of Reiki and positive energetic alignment, allowing myself to be used as a conduit for Source energy and receiving my Master/Master Teacher level attunement during 2017's Solar Eclipse.  

As well as being a practitioner of shamanic healing techniques, I use the sacred space of energy healing as an open portal in which to communicate with Mother Earth, her animals and the spirits of our guides, guardians and ascended loved ones, through which signs and messages are often delivered. Physical and/or emotional blockages are found, cleared and rebalanced using Source energy through hands, crystals, feathers, sacred tobacco, clearing tools, prayers and intention.

Sessions can be done in person or scheduled in advance as a distance session.

Suggested Donation/Energetic exchange for a 60min session is $77


Subconscious Shamanic Journeying

Group or Private Session

In this session, you are guided through a journey to explore your subconscious for answers already laying hidden within you. Trained and prepared by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and other shamanic mentors to safely guide individuals and groups through a deep visual journey in an energetically protected sacred space, we go into the cosmos of our truth to retrieve our Power Animals, meet our Spirit Guides, reconnect with aspects of soul loss, cut energetic cords and retrieve answers to life’s questions via journeys to the Shamanic Lower and Upper Worlds.

If you are hesitant or have any reservations about journeying, I am also trained and able to journey for you and retrieve answers or bring back information that you seek. 

60min session: $55

ExHEal: Rebirthing Breathwork

Our breath is our greatest tool, but we are rarely taught how to use it unless we begin yoga or meditation courses. From an early age, we suppress experiences and traumas that trigger our nervous system, putting them away without processing or understanding how to use the breath to navigate these important, life dictating events.

During this session we embark on an inward exploration, transitioning from automatic breath and experiencing that continuing conscious breath for an extended period of time acts as an exfoliant for our spirit, allowing our souls to confront and release what we harbor deep within. Throughout our time together, we utilize a specific style of breath that gathers our patterns and accumulated stories. As awareness and intention are focused on our sacred and healing life force, deep primal drum beats sync with our heartbeats to exfoliate our spirit as we utilize this rebirthing breath as a portal for release.